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 Radio Merseyside Interview (Bullying)
    Fairfield Film Club began in January 2006 with the basic idea that we wanted to make films! As a Specialist College in the Performing Arts, we felt it was important for students to access as many of the performing arts as possible. The film and television industry offers a wide and varied spectrum of careers both in front and behind the camera.

With Fairfield Film Club our aim is to enable students to ‘delve ’into the world of cinema and movie making.

Our first project was centred around the ‘Keep it Safe’ campaign, which warned young people of the dangers of having valuables, such as mobile phones and mp3 players on display. With only a hand held camera, a few enthusiastic students and two determined staff members, we planned, filmed and edited ‘Keeping it Safe’, a 12 minute docu/drama which was shown throughout the school during year assemblies and in the main entrance to the school. This generated a lot of interest in our newfound Film Department and Fairfield Film Club was born!

Next on our agenda was an ambitious project. The BBC launched its ‘Sixty Second Shakespeare’ competition, which stated that to enter your film, it had to be based on a Shakespeare text and involve young film makers, but only run for 60 seconds. The successful entries would be shown on the BBC website in the summer 2006.

We devised a project, which would involve the making of a short version of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, from which we would derive a sixty second ‘trailer’.

After negotiations with the staff at Norton Priory Museum and Gardens in Runcorn, we decided to film the project entirely on location, in the beautiful grounds and buildings, during the spring break. We were also fortunate enough to have ‘on board’ a professional film director, Mark Street, to guide us through the process.

With brand new HD equipment, funded through the Arts College, and a great deal of hard work by the actors and crew, most of whom are students from Fairfield High School, we managed to create our film ’Something Rotten’, which is 12 minutes long. The trailer of the film is currently available on the BBC website following the link:


‘WHY ME?’ is the most recent production by Fairfield Film Club. It tells the story of Martin, who is being bullied at school, but feels like he cannot report it. His best friend, Tom, wants to do something about it, but is worried and doesn’t know what to do for the best. The thought of going back to school fills Martin with dread and fear. After the bullying continues, Martin is so desperate that he feels there is only one way out!

The film has two endings and it is left to the audience to decide which one they would choose.

The film has also attracted a lot of media attention during Anti Bullying Week.  Granada Reports, Radio Merseyside, Wire FM, The Widnes Weekly News, Liverpool Echo and the BBC website have all featured articles as part of their programmes.

So hopefully the film’s message of ‘It’s OK to tell, don’t suffer in silence’ has reached a wide and varied audience.

A link to the BBC web feature is below:

Fairfield Film Club has many projects in the pipeline, including animated films, a feature length movie and a promotional video for Halton Borough Council, based on the board game ‘The Enterprise Game’.


On a final note Fairfield Film Club would like to extend a warm invitation to the New Year 7 pupils joining us in September and would be more than happy for them to join us in the making of short movies.

Film club meet every Wednesday at 1.25 p.m...

If you would like to join Fairfield Film Club please see
Mr Smith, Media Development Officer,
 In the Media Development Office, Room 22.


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