Creatures feature in roadshow

organisation  which specialise interactive animal roadshows for children.
Alex demonstrated various exotic creepy crawlies to the children and explained fascinating facts about the animals’ habitats, food requirements and different stages of development.

Article and Picture Courtesy of the Widnes Weekly News

Pupils at Fairfield High got up close and Personal with creatures most people would rather avoid.
Toads, tarantulas, snakes and giant millipedes were just some of the creatures the pupils were able to handle under the supervision of wildlife expert Alex Henners, who is ranger for zoo lab.

CREEPY CRAWLY: Pupils Keris Kelly with a Gaint African Millipede. Left:Pupil Nathan Simm holding a toad with Zoolab’s Alex Henners.


Haitrasing: A group of Fairfield pupils take a close look at a tarantula.