Fairfield Film Crew

TAKE ONE: Pupil Jack Sergison gets to grips with sound and film equipment during the production.

SETTING UP: Fairfield pupil Nathan Blackburn during the making of the film.for the Challenge 59 competition.

Article and Pictures Courtesy of the Widnes Weekly News

Fairfield Film Makers

LOCATION, LOCATION: Youngsters Mwaka Kalawo, Alice Haltbert and Louise Ulph on location for scene in the winning film.

Film makers are dancing for joy

BUDDING young Spiel-bergs from Fairfield High School have been named joint winners of a major competition.
The Challenge 59 film com­petition was aimed at encour­aging young people to use dance as a medium to promote an important health issue in the community - in just 59 seconds of film!
The young film makers can­vassed their fellow pupils for ideas - with smoking being highlighted as the most important health issue facing their age group. Teacher Ailsa McPhee took the reins as the

youngsters put in overtime to make the film a reality — including rehearsals during breaks, lunchtimes and after school
The team spent two days with Joanna Rhodes, choreograph­er and director of the project from Arcane Dance Company, and artist Lisa May Thomas!
Lisa enlisted the skills of older Fairfield pupils to work behind the scenes helping with camera shots and timings, lighting, costume, scenery and technical production work-Each of the three

winning schools' 59-second films were shown to an invited audience of dance artists, participants, parents, teachers, headteachers and the mayor of Halton,
The three winners were Fair-field High, Chestnut Lodge and St Basil's Catholic Primary
Each school presented their film, talking about the chal­lenge. • As well as being shown to audiences at The Brindley centre, the films
throughout the

day on the screen outside The Triangle Manchester.
After seeing the Manche viewing, Alisa said 'If such a special moment to the product of the pupils' if and hard work up there on big screen for everyone to \
It is a real achievement, only for the schools involved but that dance is recognize a powerful medium for young people's creative express! and health promotion.'