Mel c with her former teacher Mr McGee
Mel c as a child
Melc at anfield
Mel C catching up with old mates
Mel c with friends

We know her as Sporty Spice, the millionaire ex-Spice Girl, but as Melanie Chisholm she was just a swotty schoolgirl!
Born and raised in Widnes near Liverpool, Melanie, 29, confesses she was a model pupil.
"I kept my head down and got on with it because I knew what I wanted to do once school was over," she recalls.
But Mel did have her fair share of jobs before her big break.
"I did backing singing, was a chorus girl and worked for my dad as a courier in Spain," she says.

"I'd spend my summer holidays over therewith him earning pocketmoney by collecting the sheets from hotel rooms."
Now living in London and dating constructuion boss Thomas Starr, 36, Mel returned to her Merseyside roots recently to take part in ITV1's "The Games."
But there's no hope of Mel - whose latest single Yeh Yeh Yeh is out tomorrow - revisiting her muscial roots with Posh, Scary, Baby and Ginger.
"There's no chance of the Spice Girls reforming," she insists. "We have gone our separate ways. "We're not the best of mates, but we certainly get on."
"I was a Liverpool fan before I was even born-most of my family are. As a student, me and my brother got tickets for the second row in the kop. When Liverpool scored, they showed the action replay on Match of the Day and you could see us jumping out of our seats cheering"
Fairfield High School
"I left school in 1990 at 16 with 10 GCSEs." Former teacher Nick McGee say:"Melanie was a very well-behaved, dedicated pupil.
Victoria Park
"All the good scraps were here after school. I had a dispute once, not exactly a fight, but someone attacked me and I had to defend myself. The boys would play footy, and me and my friends-Stephanie Frost (left) and Alison George (right) - would go on the swings. There were a few bottles of cider drunk as well!"

The Crown
"I'd come here and catch up with my mates when I had holidays from college. I get happy and laugh a lot when I'm drunk. I'm quite shy, but when I've had a drink I get more confident."

Mel C as a child
Article and Pictures Courtesy of the Widnes Weekly News