Exam prizes add up
for mathematicians

Five students from Fairfield High School reached new heights after they landed the biggest grade possible in a recent maths exam.
Mark Boswell, Adam Eustace, Laura Fraser, David Moulds and Michael Sanjurgo the prizes at the Mathematics National end of the Key Stage 3 tests.
Lesley Hayes, assistant

Pupils gain level 8 at key stage 3

FIVEFOLD STARS: Fairfield High has had five pupils exceeded expectations in a maths Key Stage 3 exams. Celebrating with teacher Rebecca Stafford are Laura Fraser, Adam Eustace, Michael Sanjurgo, David Moulds and Mark Boswell, all 14

Article and Pictures Courtesy of the Widnes Weekly News



headteacher at Fairfield High, said: ‘We are delights to announce the achievement of these five pupils after they achieved the highest grade possible in the examinations.
‘It’s a fantastic achievement and the school is very proud of both the students and the staff who have worked extremely hard to achieve these great results.’