School's take on ducking tale a sell out Students put on a quacking production
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The Widnes Weekly News

PERFORMING arts students at a Widnes school staged their 1atest production to an audience of family and friends. Pupils from Fairfield High School took part in a musical called Honk, an adaptation of the Hans Christian Anderson tale The ugly Duckling
Teacher Danny Grimes said: This was a fantastic production, it was a sell-out among friends and family and real credit has to go to the students. He added: 'The  performances were excellent and it was brilliant to see it do so well because months effort had gone into this production. Fairfield School specialises in Per­forming arts and has produced some of the region's top talent, and Mr Grimes believes the current crop has the ta1ent.



To emulate some of their illustrations predecessors. He said: ‘Mel C from the Spice Girls Was part of our drama group as \Vas David Dawson the TV presenter, and Zoe Curlett who is headlining in The Phantom of the Opera..
There are some real talents in our group at the moment who could a1so go on and achieve great things.’ He added: ‘A lot of our pupils get such enjoyment from their school production that they get into performing arts professionally or into teaching it. It’s also very social subject which encourages group work. 'Our students also learn a lot of life lessons which hold true in their aca­demic work as well. They've all learned that talent and ability mean nothing Without hard work.