TWO sisters have spearheaded a fundraising spree at their school in aid of cancer research following the tragic death of their mother from the disease.
Hannah and Beth Kelly, of Fairfield High in Widnes, enlisted the help of their classmates at the Peelhouse Lane school to raise £2,000 in cash which they hope will do something 'positive' for people like their mum Kathy, who lost her battle against breast cancer at the age of 44.
Along with friends, on the day of the funeral they sold badges and Involved donations in the memory of Kathy and in their own 'small way', they hope the money will go to help .tight the disease that affects one
in nine women.
The sisters would also like to thank all family and friends for their support.
In other events at the school to raise money for the, same cause, pupils have been organising dodge

Fairfield High students have raised more than £2,000 for Cancer Research and Alder Hey Children's Hospital. Among the Fairfield fundraisers are Alisha Dwyer, 12, Jordon Locke and Dale Norton, both 11, Alex Niblock,
12, and Hannah
Kelly, 14.

Tragedy spurs on fundraising effort

Tragedy spurs on fundraising effort
Article and Pictures Courtesy of the Widnes Weekly News



ball tournaments, selling wristbands, pinkie rings and ribbons.
They also held a dance competitionI which was won by Gina McGenity and Samatha Fraser. So far Natalie Millard and Alex Niblock , have raised £300.
Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool is also one of the main beneficiaries of
the pupils' hard work and three of them have been leading the fundraising activities, to give poorly youngsters a better future.
Alisha Dwyer, Beth Kelly and Jordon Locke raised more than £235 for the hospital by selling wristbands and badges for £1 each.
Alisha said: 'In the future we hope to raise more by organising talent contests and tournaments of different sports.'
'Beth and Jordon added: 'Many children from Fairfield have visited Alder Hey for many reasons and we would like to thank people for helping us raise this massive amount.'